Your Always-on Virtual Equipment Expert Watching all your critical equipment 24/7


Decrease Incidents

Improve customer satisfaction by reducing equipment downtime and disruptions to business. Help customers increase equipment life by preventing costly failures.

Work Smarter

Transform your service organization from being reactive to being proactive. Let your virtual AI service expert watch all machines, all the time.  Be the first to know when equipment is showing signs of trouble.

Simple and Secure

Turnkey solution that works with your existing infrastructure and takes minutes to set up. Bank-level encryption and dedicated hardware upload prevent security breach.

Expert Artificial intelligence at scale

Expert Intelligence at Scale NEW.png


Sigsense acts like a virtual expert alway watching equipment operation, collecting vital data and learning equipment issues over time.


Using machine learning and human expert priorities set by you, Sigsense interprets equipment data, detects anomalies, and keeps equipment operating in peak condition. 


Sigsense tracks operation, sends notifications, alerts you of only what's critical to your organization, and makes recommendations to help you optimize equipment life, use and performance.

Our Customers

Sigsense’s AI combined with customer training enables a universal, scalable solution.

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