Connected instruments
for the connected world.

Sigsense brings innovation to test and measurement.

Sigsense is bringing convenience and connectivity to field service and industrial facilities Sigsense helps professionals do their jobs with ease and efficiency by creating a modular sensing platform that performs the function of multiple measurement devices and connects to any smartphone or tablet to effortlessly share data with coworkers and the office.

Sigsense is creating a new generation of connected instruments. Sigsense provides a better approach to field measurement and reporting by integrating measurement devices with mobile technology. Enabled by this new access to data through connectivity, Sigsense offers services to help businesses and facilities work smarter and get more from the processes already being used.

the Sigsense system

Sigsense Sensors®

Sigsense Sensors are interchangeable modules which perform the measurement function currently provided by standalone portable instruments. Sensors attach to the Sigsense Wireless Dock, providing high-speed communication to any mobile device.

The Sigsense Mobile App provides user interface, and processing to the Sensors. The App also provides context information for saved data, syncs saved data for review and archival, and provides a mobile interface to other Sigsense services.

The Sigsense Cloud service brings portable instruments into the connected world. This connectivity allows real-time insight into field operations, collaboration between remote experts, data analysis and archival, and report generation, as well as other service features.

Sigsense Sensors

Sigsense Sensors are field-switchable sensing modules that replace the current generation of single purpose instruments. All Sigsense Sensors connect to the Sigsense Wireless Dock allowing the Sensors to be the minimal hardware required to do the job, and moving common components to a single Dock. This allows Sigsense to simplify instruments and eliminate redundant hardware without sacrificing durability or measurement quality. This portability and convenience allows workers to always carry the right instrument for the job, for the right price.

Sigsense Cloud

Sigsense Cloud®

Measurements collected at the job site are automatically uploaded and archived for review, reporting or analysis. This allows for real-time collaboration and peer consultation resulting in quicker issue resolution. Additionally, the Sigsense Cloud archives and categorizes collected data by time and date, location, technician and asset being monitored. This data is easily accessible for trend analysis and reporting. The Sigsense Cloud service includes a secure, scalable API.

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