Who can benefit from predictive maintenance?

Sigsense helps service organizations escape the pitfalls of the break-fix service model by realizing the value of predictive maintenance workflows.Whether you’re working in on-site facility-level maintenance or are part of a team servicing a global fleet of assets at third-party customer sites, the service and maintenance job is the same: know what’s happening with equipment, quickly resolve any issues with minimum disruption, and ultimately provide the peace-of-mind that equipment is running its best. 

Why predictive maintenance?

Modern service organizations tasked with executing on that vision are increasingly challenged with providing the highest level of service. High equipment variation and complexity, challenges in workforce expertise and training, access to remote equipment, and increasing workforce costs are some of the factors that are driving an industry-level shift from the break-fix service model to one based on predictive maintenance.

Service teams that make the jump to predictive maintenance workflows see improvements in nearly all service metrics: reduced truck rolls, increased first call resolution, improved workforce efficiency, and reduction in downtime and disruptions. Ultimately, they achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction and the competitive advantage of offering a superior service.

What is predictive maintenance?

At its core, the shift to the predictive service model is based on unlocking fleet-level deep equipment insights within a service organization. Technicians, managers, asset owners and operators, even sales and support teams can all benefit from access to predictive maintenance information. 


Remote Diagnostics

Knowing what is happening with equipment at any time when service teams are not on-site is a major driver for unlocking the benefits of predictive maintenance. Real-time remote capabilities drive down repeat truck rolls and enable service teams to be proactive rather than responsive.

True Equipment Insight

Beyond raw sensor readings and technical log files, true equipment insight is knowing how equipment is being used and how it’s performing in real-world human terms. When predictive maintenance systems speak the same language as asset managers and service teams, the full value of deep equipment insight is realized by the organization.

Early Warning

Equipment downtime is expensive for both asset managers and service organizations. Real-time alerts and notifications of current and upcoming issues are critical capabilities that enable service teams to keep equipment up as much as possible.

At-a-Touch Analytics

Service teams need easy access to rich historical information on the equipment under management. Knowing how equipment performed in the past, how performance compares with other installations or sites, and what trends are emerging allow service teams to have the context to make the right management decisions in the future.


Service is a team effort. Frictionless communication between the field team and back office as well as with customers, sales teams, and management is the real driver that enables organization-wide value. Predictive maintenance solutions that provides dashboards, alerts, tools, and reports in understandable terms and formats unlock this value.


How Sigsense enables predictive maintenance?

The Sigsense Predictive Maintenance Solution is a state-of-the-art intelligent equipment platform designed to meet the demands of modern service organizations and their customers. With advanced artificial intelligence technology at its core, the Sigsense solution goes beyond raw IoT data and simple dashboards by providing the intelligent equipment insights you need to unlock predictive value in your organization. 

The Sigsense Predictive Maintenance Platform includes everything that is needed to get up and running quickly with a customized solution:


Off-the-shelf flexible sensors work with majority of equipment.

Secure enterprise-hardened sensing devices and cloud platform provide peace-of-mind to install at the most sensitive customer sites.

Advanced artificial Intelligence (AI) powers our predictive algorithms, which are quickly adaptable to your specific needs. Look beyond raw data and unlock actionable equipment insights and service recommendations.

The Sigsense cloud and AI algorithms are designed to accept and work with any additional 3rd party sensors or machine information that is available.

Real-time web and mobile dashboards provide easy access to insights anytime, anywhere.


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