Artificial Intelligence

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The Sigsense AI is tailored to quickly learn the specific indicators of sensor data and provide targeted insights to the operation, utilization and irregularities of equipment. While being versatile enough to analyze the broad changes in sensor signals as equipment goes through normal use, the Sigsense AI is also sensitive enough to detect subtle fluctuations in the data indicating irregularities and future problems before they affect performance.  

The Sigsense AI is able to understand the root cause of equipment issues and make actionable recommendations.  Trained and taught the performance of new equipment by human experts, it predicts future equipment events while other systems can only detect anomalies in direct sensor data.

Real-time insights and immediate notification

The Cloud notifies you automatically of the events you care about. Receive notifications over email, SMS or in the mobile app to be notified of recommendations and alerts. Intuitive dashboards and mobile apps provide a walkthrough of equipment history, recommendations, alerts and performance. All data is available over a web API making it available to power existing platforms.

Checking your equipment’s “vitals” 

Just as your pulse reflects your activity and your health, the power usage of equipment indicates its performance, operation and health. The primary sensor used by the Sigsense platform is a power monitor, which acts like an EKG for equipment. Sigsense sensors support all common electrical outlets, are compatible with all US and EU standards. Data is uploaded securely and no personally identifiable data transmitted or stored on device, making the sensor solution safe for most environments. 


Custom sensing for your applications

Sigsense's Cloud supports any sensor inputs, simple time-series or complex data generated by advanced sensors or the equipment itself. Contact us if you're interested in using Sigsense's cloud platform to understand your particular data.

Intelligent, customizable and versatile

Real-time data is collected from the sensors and analyzed by the platform. The AI learns the equipment operation based on sensor data received and determines the typical operating performance of equipment based on the insights of on-site experts to guide recommendations. Once understood, any issues, anomalies, service alerts, and utilization trends will be identified, in the terms your organization already uses. The system learns predicting factors to give advanced warning and notifies you of any unexpected and unusual behavior. Once configured, all your assets can be viewed at once, providing a single dashboard for all equipment and all management needs.

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