How Our Technology 



Utilizing flexible sensors, intelligent algorithms and our sophisticated monitoring platform, Sigsense collects information on all of your most important equipment. With up-to-the-minute   data updates, and intelligent alerts on operational quality, Sigsense enables today’s busy business owners to keep their equipment, and their business running more efficiently than ever.






Sigsense’s cloud analytics platform collects and analyzes data from our hardware sensors, communication modules or directly from our customer's own connected sensors, all in real-time.

Sigsense predictive analytics real-time monitoring dashboard

Intelligent Monitoring

  • Monitoring platform collects the key parameters that impact equipment operation and remotely identifies issues and service needs.
  • Flexible sensors provide multiple measurements.
  • Sigsense monitors maintenance status and key operation levels.


Only Important Events

  • Urgent issues are flagged and prioritized for efficient dispatch and resolution.
  • A suite of tools helps organizations be proactive and operate more efficiently.
  • Automatic notifications via SMS and email provide early warning of upcoming issues.
Sigsense predictive analytics critical events alerts

Sigsense predictive analytics baseline metrics at-a-glance dashboard

Smart Metrics

  • At-a-glance dashboards show key operational metrics.
  • Analytics engine interprets data into key metrics and trends.
  • Sigsense baselines the factors which influence equipment operation, damage conditions, inefficiencies and utilization metrics.


utilization and prediction

  • Recommend action to a service organization, owner/operator or other interested parties, in advance of expensive and catastrophic failure.
  • Provide equipment and operational insights anywhere via mobile and web.
  • Offer users a complete view of equipment condition and history.
Sigsense predictive analytics equipment operation condition and history, maintenance recommendations



In order to enable data collection, Sigsense works with OEMs and service organizations to collect data in one of three ways:


Sigsense sensor collects equipment operation condition data.jpg


Electricity is the pulse of most equipment. Sigsense's sensors allow the monitoring of equipment condition to detect issues from motors going bad to wasteful power settings.


If your sensors are already connected to a network, Sigsense can add intelligence and easy issue detection. Our API is easily integrated with modern web interfaces. 

Communication Modules

Getting specific measurements out of unconnected equipment can happen quickly with our communication modules. This is the fastest way to get your equipment connected to the platform.