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Managed print services

Sigsense partners with original equipment manufacturers, service providers and equipment owners in commercial printing operations to establish a proactive service model. This helps enable the early identification of equipment issues through predictive maintenance. 

Sigsense's remote monitoring and analytics platform utilizes sensors that are connected to printers, Office MFPs and production print engines to collect relevant data on printing equipment condition and performance, while offering access to real-time analytics through mobile devices and web dashboards.

These actionable insights and recommendations delivered by the Sigsense solution help print service providers and asset owners prevent unnecessary down time, limit operational disruptions, track equipment utilization and performance, and increase service efficiency.

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Power Protection and Energy Management

Do you deal with equipment issues caused by a faulty power-feed?  Sigsense can help you monitor the electrical grid, detect and notify you of issues, such as surges, sags, brownouts and dips, that could seriously damage machinery such as sensitive lab equipment and office printers.  In addition to detecting the critical grid issues, Sigsense can learn and track the operation of equipment and notify you of utilization, potential issues and general health of connected equipment.

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Smart Office

Sigsense helps IT and Facility Management turn trouble tickets into happy and productive employees. Sigsense can track the performance of a variety of office and IT equipment, from the wireless router to the coffee machine, and notify IT and Facility Management of lags and potential outages before they occur.  By monitoring offices and IT infrastructure, Sigsense can ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. 

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Food Service

Keeping the kitchen running is critical to the food service industry.  From Refrigerators to fryers, the equipment in a kitchen requires attention and maintenance to ensure continuous safe operations for customers and workers. Sigsense monitors the operation of kitchen equipment and can identify issues before they occur.  From the refrigerator being left open, to a blown compressor in the soda machine, Sigsense can help make sure your kitchen is running as it should be and service isn’t ever an emergency.

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Laundry Systems

Utilization is money in laundry rooms and laundromats.  Keeping machines running and having the right number of machines on site is critical to the profitable management of laundry services.  Sigsense can track the level of utilization of machines, provide early warning of issues before they occur, maximize the revenue from each machine, and improve customer satisfaction by proactively maintaining the laundry equipment.

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other Custom Applications

Easily integrate the Sigsense platform and new equipment with minimal onboarding time and cost.  If you have an application which needs remote diagnostics and utilization tracking, or are curious about equipment-based predictive analytics in your field, contact us and we can help you get started.  Sigsense also works with OEMs directly to enable diagnostics and tracking for your customer or service base.

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